Brajeshwar Oinam

Brajeshwar Oinam

Design-led product leader, and an entrepreneurial strategist.

“I design experiences, opportunities, careers, teams, products, and organizations.”

I am an entrepreneur, and technologist, with a deep focus on leadership in products and designs. I have been a developer, designer, and creative product direction with a track record of building products and leading teams.

I started my professional career in 1999. Ever since, I’ve learned to appreciate and empathize with users, avoid technology hubris, and focus on being responsive to users, clients, customers, and their needs from the ground up.

I’m lucky to have worked with some of the best teams, engineers, designers, founders, and investors.
2021 JAN — Present

Valinor Earth

Co-Founder, CEO

Remote (Worldwide)

Valinor Earth puts AI (artificial intelligence) into a software suite to manage carbon footprints helping individuals and businesses to measure, reduce, remove, and offset their impact on the climate.

We are building an easy-to-use interface for customers to automate their climate actions. We take care of the end-to-end climate action for them so they can focus on their business.

We are an Asynchronous Remote Distributed-Team with founders from India and Canada, operating in the USA, Europe, the UK, and the Asian Region.

(2021) Before pivoting to Climate, Valinor Earth started off as an AgTech Startup trying to fulfill the needs of commercial Farmers and Agricultural companies to leverage technology to track progress and enhance productivity in remote farmlands.

2020 JAN — 2020 DEC (1 Year)


I was on a break, researching with a focus on Climate Change.

I helped a Japanese Startup establish its Indian branch. I spent time tinkering with Satellite data from JAXA, Sentinel Hub, and other publicly available data.

I got into one of the prestigious communities of founders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors at On Deck, as a Founder Fellow (#ODF7).

2018 AUG — 2019 Dec (1+ Year)


Head of Product

Bangalore (India)

Mobisy is a high-growth, technology company that is transforming the retail supply ecosystems in several markets, including India, Africa, Middle East, and Europe through its products Bizom and Distiman.

Mobisy’s products serve over 300 top consumer brands, including global FMCG giants such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt-Benckiser, Coke, Pepsi, Mondelez, and Hershey’s. As of 2019, Mobisy’s products have over 150,000 users and reach 5 million retailers.

I’m involved in the long-term Product Strategies at Mobisy. I worked closely with the design team, and leads the effort in building a robust Design Systems for Mobisy Products, its branding, and messaging. My core focus is on building a team of product focused leaders at Mobisy.

2018 JAN — 2018 DEC (1 Year)



Bangalore (India)

I met my co-founder, Gurjot Singh, while he was experimenting with the idea of large-scale energy storage with Vanadium Redox Batteries. He is a research scientist who specializes in the study of energy, food, and fuel. Unfortunately, due to the high CAPEX requirements, we pivoted to Smart, and Precision farming with Aeroponics.

We built a demo farm in Bangalore, India. We were invited, and interviewed at Mountain View but got rejected for the Y Combinator Winter 2019 Batch.

Gurjot moved on to a second generation Bio-fuel generation technique backed by the Swish government, and a private Swish technology company. I stayed behind to find solutions to the myriad of problems of Climate Changes.

2016 APR — 2017 Dec (2 Years)

Alaris Prime

Co-Founder, Advisor


“We design and build products for beauty and performance.”

At Alaris Prime, we believe that software should be simple to use for humans. At the same time bringing higher returns on investment for businesses. We help clients every step of the way in building beautiful and performant products.

I was responsible for business development, client interaction, and ownership of the products that we built for our clients. Generated revenue of over $200,000 in the first year of operation.

I continue to be an advisor.

2014 SEP — 2016 MAR (1½ years)


Creative Director

Bangalore (India), London (UK), Austin (USA)

I led the creative design and development at Razorfish, Bangalore, India. In a year, I hired and trained 50+ proficient designers and developers. I trained them and taught best practices, standards of design, and development.

I restructured, introduced tools and utilities, and started many initiatives in the company. I made it easy for employees to be more productive, spend quality time with their work. Introduced smooth communication methods, and patterns between clients and the team - made it easy to get things done.

I contributed to front-end designs, development, stakeholder interactions, and management of some exciting clients, and projects;

I was lucky to mentor, review code and designs for

2013 JAN — 2014 MAR (1+ Years)


Co-Founder, CEO

Bangalore (India)

As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Kamelot Kapital Pte Lte, Singapore, I worked on LxiDD. I was responsible for the Product Interface and Experience Design, Customer & Client Engagement.

LxiDD is a network of Indie Professionals - Designers, Developers, and Creatives.

2010 NOV — 2012 DEC (2 Years)


Co-Founder, CEO

Mountain View (USA), Bangalore (INDIA)

Levoma is a mobile video-dating service, helping singles aged 18-30, find partners easily, quickly, and effectively. Levoma works across and between multiple devices - iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablets.

We were the first Indian startup to graduate at the Founder Institute in 2010-2011 Winter Silicon Valley Chapter. Levoma was among the final 12 graduating companies out of it’s initial cohort of 50+ startups.

Levoma released its beta App in January 2011. It was acquired by a Singapore Investment firm - Kamelot Kapital Pte Ltd.

2009 MAY — 2010 JUL (1+ years)

Infinitely Beta

Co-Founder, Product and Design Chief

Pune, India

Infinitely Beta set out to build innovative products in Pune, India. It’s flagship product,, was praised by industry experts and beta testers for its innovative User Interface and a never-before-done-in-India User Experience. was merged in February 2012 with HelpShift which has raised venture capital from Nexus Ventures, True Ventures, and others.

I help design and develop with the team that I got from the acquisition of my previous company, oCricket.

2007 APR — 2009 MAY (2 years)


Co-Founder, CEO

Mumbai, India

oCricket was poised to be a dedicated network for Cricket lovers and fans. We envisioned oCricket to be able to get users to access Cricket related media and content more efficiently and at a much affordable price.

oCricket was acquired by Infinitely Beta Pvt. Ltd. in June 2009.

I raised seed-funds from my previous employer (Peerless Software), and worked on building the product, and hiring the team.

2006 APR — 2007 MAR (1 years)


Senior Architect

Pune (India), Silicon Valley (USA)

Mixercast allowed users to create embeddable slide show widgets. Users could mix together both personal and licensed content into their slide show.

Mixercast was funded by Fuse Capital (erstwhile ComVentures), ONSET Ventures, and Intel Capital for over $12M and had clients such as Youtube, CBS etc.

2003 MAR — 2006 MAR (3 years)

Oinam Software

Co-Founder, CEO

Mumbai, India

I gave up my lucrative career at Peerless Software to start my own Software Service Company — Oinam Software Pvt. Ltd.

At Oinam, we designed and developed websites, web applications, and applications for Pocket PC Devices. We undertook some of the most innovative, sometimes very experimental work for clients, including but not limited to the likes of Macromedia, STARZ, Disney, Obeo, Ultrashock, Edition Interactive, Pearson, Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, Tata Consultancy Services, et al.

We also worked for many Contractors who sub-contracted their work to us. We were in-fact one of the best ghost developers to many successful contractors & agencies.

Oinam Software was acquired by Mixercast in 2006.

2001 NOV — 2003 FEB (1½ years)

Peerless Software

Pocket PC Designer/Developer

Mumbai, India

I was eager to move onto to Internet-related work and landed my first job as a Flash Programmer designing and developing healthcare applications for the Pocket PC devices.

At Peerless Software, I built Pocket PC Software Applications for physicians in the USA. I built tools for clients such as Copaxone, Cipla, and many other Healthcare Industry leaders.

2000 NOV — 2001 OCT (1½ Years)


Developer + Designer

Mumbai, India

A transition from the traditional Graphic Design works to Design and Development for the Internet. I was introduced to Macromedia Flash and that changed my entire professional career.

1999 SEP — 2000 OCT (1 Year)

Rainbow Books


Mumbai, India

I was one of the first technical hire at Rainbow Books. Within months of starting my first job, I took over the end-to-end process of digitizing comic illustrations and getting the printings right by working with cartoonists, printers, and distributors.